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TYPHON 6S 4WD BLX 1/8 Buggy RTR Black

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  • ARA8606V5
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  • Kostenloser Versand ab € 250,- Bestellwert
  • Bis 12Uhr bestellt, Versand am gleichen Tag
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TYPHON 6S 4WD BLX 1/8 Buggy RTR Black Artikelnummer: ARA8606V5 Produkt Details... mehr
Produktinformationen "TYPHON 6S 4WD BLX 1/8 Buggy RTR Black"

TYPHON 6S 4WD BLX 1/8 Buggy RTR Black

Artikelnummer: ARA8606V5

Produkt Details

Designed fast and designed tough, the ARRMA® TYPHON™ 6S BLX 4WD RTR Speed Buggy is now equipped to deliver even bigger and better 1/8 scale bashing thrills — with a Spektrum™ SLT3™ radio, dual protocol receiver, Smart ESC, stronger servo and more.

Key Features
  • Aktualisiert mit Spektrum ™ -Komponenten und Smart-kompatibel
  • 113+km/h bei Einsatz eines 6S LiPos und Verwendung des beiliegenden optionalen Ritzels unter optimalen Bedingungen erreichbar
  • EXB kompatible Strebe vorne
  • Größere wasserdichte Empfänger Box
  • Betriebsbereit - Installieren Sie einfach einen aufgeladenen 4-Zellen- oder 6-Zellen-LiPo-Akku Ihrer Wahl


Experience a thrilling new level of bashing performance with the 1/8 scale, ready-to-run ARRMA® TYPHON 6S BLX 4WD Speed Buggy. Designed fast, designed tough, and now outfitted with a versatile Spektrum 3-channel radio system and Firma brushless electronics, it's all set for fast action on all terrain, in all conditions.


  • Ready-to-run
  • Spektrum SLT3 2.4GHz 3-Channel Radio
  • Spektrum SR315 Dual Protocol 3-Channel Receiver
  • Spektrum S652 Digital Servo
  • Spektrum Firma 150A Smart ESC
  • Spektrum Firma 4074 2050Kv Brushless Motor
  • EXB compatible front brace
  • Stronger chassis design
  • Large volume waterproof* receiver box
  • +1mm wheel hexes
  • Anodized aluminum chassis
  • Strong composite chassis side pods
  • Strong front and rear composite chassis brace
  • High-speed low downforce wing and strong mounts
  • Oil-filled adjustable shocks
  • Aluminum shock caps and protectors


ARRMA® engineers have updated the TYPHON 6S BLX 4WD Speed Buggy with a brushless power system featuring the Spektrum Firma 150A Smart ESC and Firma 2050Kv brushless motor. The combination lets you cut loose with incredible torque, acceleration and speed, while the heavy-duty aluminum and steel chassis and transmission components take it all in its stride. For improved steering, ARRMA® also includes a new, steel gear Spektrum S652 Digital Servo — which is 32% stronger and 5% faster than the previous version's ADS-15M servo.

The ready-to-run package now also includes a 3-channel Spektrum SLT3 radio and Spektrum SR315 dual protocol receiver. Perfect for long hours of fatigue-free bashing, the transmitter's ergonomic design features a foam steering wheel for precise fingertip control and an improved hand grip and trigger feel. If you're a new driver, you'll be able to set throttle limits at 50% or 75% until you're ready to use the full speed potential. The SLT3 is compatible with Tactic® SLT receivers to run other RTR vehicles you may own, and includes a third channel to control optional features such as lights and winches on models that have them.

Because the SR315 receiver can use SLT and DSMR® protocols, you can easily upgrade to a Spektrum DSMR® transmitter later — then, download the free Spektrum Dashboard app for your mobile device and take full advantage of the Smart telemetry capabilities already present in the Firma electronics. You'll be able to receive real-time updates of ESC temperature, receiver (BEC) voltage, drive pack voltage and motor RPM.

The TYPHON 6S BLX 4WD Speed Buggy blasts over dirt, asphalt and grass, with adjustable oil-filled shocks soaking up the bumps. The shocks are mounted on black-anodized aluminum towers and include aluminum shock caps and protectors to maintain their super-smooth damping.

For the durability needed to support intense brushless performance, ARRMA® uses a strengthened, anodized aluminum chassis as its foundation. Front and rear composite chassis braces and composite chassis side pods add more toughness. All-metal diff outdrives and gearbox internals, plus durable steel driveshafts, all contribute to a reliable, heavy-duty drivetrain that holds up to extreme bashing. A "never loose" aluminum steering servo saver and "never pop" ball ends supply more precision, reliability and confidence.

ARRMA® holds your maintenance downtime to the minimum with an efficient, driver-friendly design. A sliding mount gives you quick, hassle-free access to the motor. The center diff is easy to reach and can be removed by taking out just four bolts.

The low-drag buggy wheels, now with +1mm hexes, arrive outfitted with super-aggressive, multi-surface dBoots® KATAR tires. A low-drag wing helps keep the vehicle grounded. Both contribute to confident control and responsive handling at thrilling high speeds. Topping it all off is a sleek buggy body with streamlined good looks, featuring a matte black and red paint scheme with forged composite detail.

  • ARRMA® TYPHON™ 6S BLX 1/8 Speed Buggy 4WD RTR
  • Spektrum™ Firma™ 150A Smart 4S/6S Regler (installiert)
  • Spektrum ™ Firma ™ 4074 2050Kv Brushless Motor (installiert)
  • Spektrum ™ S652 Metallgetriebe Digital Servo (installiert)
  • Spektrum ™ SR315 3-Channel Dual Protokoll Empfänger (installiert)
  • Spektrum ™ SLT3™ 2.4GHz 3-Kanal Sender
  • Bedienungsanleitung


Es wird benötigt
  • 4S oder 6S LiPo Akku
  • LiPo Ladegerät
  • LiPo Ladebeutel
  • (4) AA Batterien


Maßstab: 1:8
Hersteller: ARRMA
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